Manicure / Pedicure Course

Start Date:  Monday, January 14th, 2019

Class Schedule: Mondays, 6:00 – 9:30pm
Course Length: 11 weeks 
Level of Study: Certificate

(This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005)

The student develops an understanding of all aspects of professional manicure and pedicure techniques.  Step by step procedures including sanitation and sterilization, nail shaping, hand and foot massage, proper polish techniques, spa treatments and paraffin.

  • bacteriology
  • sanitation and sterilization
  • hand and foot anatomy
  • nail disorders and diseases 
  • manicures, spa and french
  • pedicures, spa and french
  • shellac application
  • hand and foot massage
  • paraffin treatment 

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Manicure Pedicure Course - London, Ontario


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